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Evergrand Global Limited, is one of the most experienced global provider and distributor of computer, mobile, tablet PC accessories, recycled life style products as well as solution to HK and worldwide marketplace. The Company develops eComtech” wide range of computer and life products, main theme is recycle, save the earth , “Back to original” is our main aim and company direction. We take totally responsibility in living with non-waste action and attitude. From this point of view, our coming products will reflect all kind of this perspective. Because of our same value and belief, we are honor to be appointed by “Visenta”, a UK famous brand, a computer accessories developer, expertise in a wide range of wireless computer products as a Hong Kong and Macau Sole distributor. In order to fulfill all of the above target, we will insist that all our products will be less waste materials, more re-useful. Meanwhile, you can see our products design is simple, enough, grand and beautiful. Last but not least, advance technology but back to be natural.        

Our e-business engine has 4 "e"s behind it


Experience -One of the earliest established team of computer accessories developer and distributor service since 2000.

Expertise   -Broad range of knowledge and understanding in life and computer accessories products.

Execution  -Our products and solution is well proven, so delivery is better and faster

Excellence -We stand behind everything we do, and ensure the best quality is delivered for your success


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